The movie yesterday turned out to be this movie




10+10 was really good! Announcing proudly to the world that “Hey, our movie industry is not dead yet!"



But it was not 上海社會檔案 as posted before.

I am feeling like those mercenary movie distributors, who do fake commercials to drag the crowd.

Although there wasn’t a crowd last night. So that we enjoyed the home-made soda, popcorn more!  Thanx to Chris Hubbard!!

The provoking poster of 上海社會檔案 may turn into a way of saying,

Sorry, folks, we haven’t decided a movie to watch, but it would be no less interesting than this one.

Oh, Yeah! 


But maybe we’ll watch it eventually. Who knows?

I still want to watch it~ But I guess our next host, 阿寶 would like something else~



(Tomorrow) 8pm, April 20 , at Chris Hubbard’s house.


We are gonna watch this hardcore cult film , with female revenge theme.

Starring Sexy icon in the 80s — 陸小芬